But 'n Ben - Unst Chalet, Sutherland, Scotland

But 'n Ben - Unst Chalet

(STL License No: HI-00465-F)

The tiny coastal village of Inverkirkaig is set in the county of Sutherland, a lovely and unspoilt part of the N.W. Scottish Highlands. Situated in a beautiful location in the corner of Inverkirkaig bay, the chalet is about 20 metres from the waters edge.

There are beaches where children can explore and play and it is possible to wade out quite a way when the tide is in, either for general splashing about, or if you need to get out to a boat moored in the bay. The bay is ideal for windsurfing, dinghy sailing and canoeing with most wind directions.





Please note: so that all of our guests are able to enjoy their stay with us, the chalet is non-smoking and we do not allow pets (of any type or size).

Our But 'n Ben has a balcony with stunning views out over the bay. Taking breakfast outside, to the accompaniment of the sights and sounds of the bay, is a fine way to set you up for the day and leave behind the cares and worries of everyday life. There is also a picnic bench outside set on a vantage point. There are some beautiful coast and hill walks almost on the doorstep and there is an abundance of all sorts of birdlife and wildlife. There are several fishing locations within about a 15 mins. walk from the chalet.

The term 'But ' n Ben'
For those not familiar with the term 'But 'n Ben', the etymology is from the Scots language for a two roomed cottage, possibly a converted Sheiling (a roughly constructed shed used during animal pasturing) with the 'Butt end' being the livingroom and the 'Ben' being the sleeping area. Traditionally there would have been no mains electricity, lighting would have been by candles or paraffin lamps and water would usually have been drawn from a nearby loch or possibly a tank filled by a stream. Although this can be a bit of an adventure & great fun, when you visit our But 'n Ben, you will find we have made some improvements over the traditional 'facilities'! The term 'But 'n Ben' was immortalised in the 'The Broons' cartoon strip found in the Sunday Post (along with oor wullie: "jings, crivens and help ma Boab") and the Broon family frequently holidayed at their But 'n Ben located 'somewhere in the highlands'.